Screening and Intake

The organization’s screening and intake practices ensure that individuals receive prompt and responsive access to appropriate services.


Individuals participate in an individualized, integrated, strengths-based, family-focused, culturally responsive assessment.

Service Planning and Monitoring

Each individual or family participates in the development and ongoing review of a service plan that is the basis for delivery of appropriate services and support.

Clinical Counseling Services

  1. provide an appropriate level and intensity of support and treatment;
  2. recognize individual and family values and goals;
  3. accommodate variations in life style; and
  4. emphasize personal growth, development, and situational change.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services provide goal-directed, psychosocial treatment and support.

Psychiatric and Medical Care and Support

A board-eligible psychiatrist or another qualified health practitioner is responsible for the medical aspects of mental health services. B.Y.R.D. HO– USE uses a consulting psychiatrist or a community mental health center for psychiatric consultation, provided that the organization has a formal agreement.

Medical aspects include:

  1. Medication management 
  2. Review of complicated cases where co-occurring substance use, health, and mental health conditions intersect;
  3. Organicity 
  4. Seizure disorders
  5. Psychosomatic disorders
  6. Other medical and psychiatric related issues such as traumatic brain injury.

Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions

Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions receive coordinated, integrated treatment to promote long enough and sufficient treatment participation to support recovery and reduce the need for hospitalization.

Case Closing

Case closing is a planned, orderly process.

Aftercare and Follow-Up

The organization and the service recipient work together to develop an aftercare plan, and follow-up occurs when possible and appropriate.


Clinical personnel are qualified to provide counseling and mental health services.

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