Program Outline

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  1. During registration and orientation, children and youth and their families are:
    • Informed about program goals, activities, and hours of operation
    • Explained their rights including any obligations the program has to them
    • Informed about rules, responsibilities, expectations, and any factor that can result in removal from the program
    • Welcomed to the program by current participants
    • Offered a tour of the facility
    • Introduces to staff and program participants
  1. Prompt responsive registration practices:
    • Support timely program enrollment
    • Ensure equitable treatment
    • Provide for placement on a waiting list, if desired
  2. Collect relevant information from children and youth and their families:
    • Identifying information, including name and date of birth
    • Address
    • Current emergency contact information that is updated at least annually
    • Information about and consent forms related to special needs, including medical needs if applicable, updated at least annually
    • Additional consent forms or permission slips
    • Authorization for pick-up
    • Relevant school day data
  1. Children, youth and their families receive a schedule of any applicable fees and estimated or actual expenses, and are informed prior to program participation:
    • The amount that will be charged
    • When fees or co-payments are charged, refunded, waived, or reduced
    • The manner and timing of payment
    • The consequences of non payment


  1. Daily Schedule
  2. Children and youth have opportunities to participate in a wide variety of engaging and challenging activities that are designed to promote clear and specific goals. 
  3. Activities reflect, support, and are suited to the mission, philosophy, and goals of the program; the styles, abilities, and interests of children and youth in the program; the age range of children and youth in the program; and the languages and cultures of the children and youth in the program. 
  4. Children and youth have opportunities to choose among program activities; and have the right to opt out of any program activities or field trip. 
  5. Children and youth are involved in developing, planning, implementing, and evaluating activities, policies, and initiatives that reflect their needs and interests. 
  6. Program materials are in good condition; sufficient for the number of children and youth in the program; developmentally appropriate for the age of the children and youth in the program; and appropriate to the activities offered.
  7. Program involvement gives children and youth opportunities to participate in active learning experiences; develop new skills and positive interests; make decisions and solve problems; assume leadership roles; get to know and become involved with there neighborhoods and communities; and gain confidence in their personal abilities.
  8. When children and youth have opportunities to go on field trips or participate in high-risk activities, the program obtains written, signed permission slips from their parents or legal guardians.

BTS Outline

Download: Services Referral Form