2nd Annual #GivingTuesday



It’s finally here! Today, our 2nd Annual #Giving Tuesday campaign!

This year, our goal is to raise $10,000 to provide after-school tutoring and mentoring for low income students in Coweta County. Beat The Street volunteer-driven services engage youth in age-appropriate social, educational, and recreational activities; promote the development of positive relationships with adults and peers; and provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for young people to spend their out-of-school time hours.

Let me introduce you to our kids!
Some challenges we never dreamed that we would endure.
Hey! I’m Sir. ADHD. Some of my teachers don’t understand why I am unable to sit still and focus. Other teachers I like. I have a medical condition, a chemical imbalance and it’s a big deal to me. Because, I struggle and fight to fit in, struggle to develop relationships and battle to maintain self confidence, things are tough and often times “I give up”.

Hello I’m Madam Depression. You see I lost my parent, my brothers and sisters have been split up, bullied at school and just don’t have many friends. At times I have poor appetite or overeat, insomnia or excess sleeping, low energy or fatigue, low self esteem, poor concentration or difficulty making decisions and along with all of this have feelings of hopelessness.

Beat The Street provides a safe place for me to want to talk about my obstacles and re-engage in academics. At Beat The Street everybody is a Sir or Ma’am because they look past our current circumstances to our future greatness!

Your donation will to break the cycles of discouragement and lack of success that lead to increased drop-out and delinquency rates in our community.

Will you make a minimum $10.00 #GivingTuesday gift today?

Kindest regards,
Edith R. Byrd


Our 2016-2017 Graduation Party!


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