Giving Tuesday & Annual Fundraiser

November 29, 2016

It’s the holidays-the season of giving.

What would you do as a single parent trying to reach your goal of self-sufficiency and had no one to care for your children afterschool hours? This is the dilemma for many of our parents trying to get an education or employment to better themselves.  B.Y.R.D. House has been providing this service since 2009 called “Beat The Street”. This is our afterschool program where we provide supervision, academic enrichment and life skills to children from K-12 or ages 5-18. This year alone we have seen our kids grow from having F’s to becoming A B students.

It costs us about $170,000 annually to run our afterschool tutoring and mentoring program. The program operates on gifts, donations and in kind from the community.

Our afterschool program:

  • Involves Day Schools, Families, and Communities;
  • Managing and Organizing the Homework Environment;
  • Monitoring and Communicating About Student Progress; and
  • Tutoring, Mentoring, and Building Study Skills.

Our afterschool program does two things: they engage students in fun activities that create a desire to learn, and they build on what students are learning during the school day to extend the knowledge they already have.

Student reported outcomes from homework help included the following:

  • Increased awareness that they needed to read more to be able to increase their reading comprehension;
  • Increased confidence that they know what they can do and accomplish it well;
  • Feeling secure in knowing they had enough time to complete their homework assignments;
  • Believed that their instructors practiced patience and understood their needs; and 
  • Saw their grades on homework improve.

We currently have students enrolled in our program that have low academic achievement, ADHD, behavior problems, medical problems and come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Without B.Y.R.D. House these families would not have a safe place to go for a structured afterschool program where they are motivated to reach a high level of educational attainment and leadership skills. Without B.Y.R.D. House our students are at risk of the likelihood of juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, truancy, and other problems and high risk behaviors among participating youth.

B.Y.R.D House would like to thank you for supporting our afterschool program Beat the Street in helping us with our mission of “Empowering youth and children by building a foundation for them to live responsibly and successfully.”

Please make a year end gift so more kids can participate in “Beat The Street”

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Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 72001, Newnan GA 30271

 Solitation Permit #CH-08644

Non Profit Tax ID # 80-0508090

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