It’s the holidays-the season of giving. Today, I’m writing to ask you to give to the B.Y.R.D. House a nonprofit agency located in Coweta County. B.Y.R.D. House help’s single parents achieve self-sufficiency by providing a supervised afterschool program for their children. The afterschool program frees single parents to achieve and secure education and better employment opportunities. WP_20140108_001

Most of our clients are single mothers and by the time they have reached out to B.Y.R.D. House they have received numerous calls from teachers and school personnel regarding their child’s behavior and academic problems. Parents throw their hands in the air and say “I don’t know what else to do” very frustrated they say “HELP!!!”  B.Y.R.D. House then takes this child and provides them and parents with a sense of purpose and hope. “Beat The Street” programing provides supervision, academic enrichment and life skills. Not to forget, a very nutritious home cooked meal daily. First thing kids ask when they arrive is “what we eating today?”.

 WP_20140814_015 This year alone we have seen our kids grow from having:

  • F’s to becoming A B students
  • Engagement in School
  • Desire to learn
  • Increased positive social skills
  • Increased family attachment and warmth

The program operates on gifts, donations and in kind from the community. Your donation will help support the program and cover the $170,000 annual operating cost.


BTS Photostrip

B.Y.R.D House would like to thank you for supporting our after-school program “Beat the Street”. Simply click on the donation link below.

ADOPT A CHILD for only $25 a month 


Because of Friends of the B.Y.R.D. House, we are able to keep our doors open!

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